Judge John DeMarco champions the Veterans Treatment Court

Judge DeMarco presided over Veterans Treatment Court from 2013 to 2018. He was appointed the Supervising Judge for the Treatment Courts of the 7th Judicial District in 2016 and continues to serve in that capacity.


Veterans Treatment Court Overview

​​As both the presiding and supervising judge for VTC, Judge DeMarco strengthened and enhanced the court in a variety of ways.  He is a member of the National Institute of Corrections Justice Involved Veterans Network and is currently consulting with stakeholders throughout New York State who are designing legislation aimed to ensure that every veteran in NYS in need has access to a veteran’s court.

Judge DeMarco has also been instrumental in securing annual funding for the volunteer Veteran Mentors. These Veteran Mentors are unique to VTC as they are responsible for providing support and leadership to their brother and sister veterans who have become temporarily captive to the criminal justice system.  Most notably, in 2018 VTC partnered with Monroe County Executive, Cheryl Dinolfo, and received a grant award from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) in the amount of $550,000 in support of the Veterans Treatment Court. The significant amount of funding will provide an unprecedented opportunity affording substance abuse and treatment services to veterans in the criminal justice system.

​​Moreover, Judge DeMarco worked alongside the Monroe County Sheriff and County Executive and the Veterans Outreach Center in order to establish a veteran-specific housing unit within the jail.  The main goal of the unit is to help incarcerated veterans receive veteran-specific support services while in custody thereby decreasing their likelihood of recidivism and simultaneously increasing their likelihood of recovery and success.

​In a comment regarding the new veterans housing unit, Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter thanked Judge DeMarco for his leadership relative to the role he played in launching the housing initiative.

​​Under Judge DeMarco’s leadership, the Monroe County Veterans Treatment Court was selected as one of three National Mentor Courts to serve as a model and resource to all cities desiring to open a Veterans Treatment Court.

During his tenure as the presiding judge of VTC, Judge’s DeMarco’s accountability with compassion, wisdom and dedication has afforded a second chance to more than 150 veterans, saving many of their lives.

​​​​​​​The goal of Veterans Treatment Court is to restore a veteran's self-respect, discipline and dignity that they held as members of the armed forces.  In doing so, veterans achieve a healthy mind and body, and are reunited with their families, employers and communities.


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