During his time on the bench, Judge DeMarco has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to serving his community. Below are some of the stories which highlight his accomplishments.

  • New opioid part to redirect people to treatment first

    Judge DeMarco discusses the benefits of the new Stabilization Part and the screening process.

  • 1.8 million dollar grant secured to help combat community-wide opioid crisis

    Video of Story: Listen to Judge DeMarco discuss how the funding will be used in the new opioid stabilization part.

  • Rochester court putting opioid addiction treatment before jail time

    The new Opioid Stabilization Part is a collaborative effort directed at assisting those high risk / high need defendants at risk of overdose.

  • Addressing opioid addiction first

    Video of Story: "The goal of OSP is simple: to save lives," says Judge DeMarco as he discusses the necessity of the new part.

  • Opioid Court in Monroe County will focus on those most at risk of overdosing

    Community leaders discuss how the opioid stabilization part will be implemented.

  • New part of Rochester Drug Treatment Court: Opioid Stabilization Part

    Video of Story: As the new part launches community leaders discuss the process.

  • Monroe County court system to offer help for defendants at high risk of OD

    At a press conference announcing the new opioid stabilization part Judge DeMarco answer questions about how the new court will be implemented.

  • New court designed for defendants at high risk of overdose

    Video of Story: Listen to Judge DeMarco answer questions about the implementation of the new Opioid Stabilization Court.

  • Rochester launches innovative court initiative to address opioid crisis

    New York State Unified Court System announced the new Opioid Stabilization Part.

  • Opioid part starts Monday

    Judge DeMarco speaks at a news conference about the launch of the Opioid Stabilization Part.

  • New court part to address opioid crisis

    Discussion about the new Opioid Stabilization Part of the Rochester Drug Treatment Court.

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